Piazza Margana, 37 - 00186 Roma Lun-Dom 11.00 - 23.00 +39 06 - +39 06
“…E la panza j’ha preso er sopravvento sur core e sur cervello tant’è vero che, quanno cerca d’esternà un pensiero o deve
espone quarche sentimento, tiè d’occhio la trippetta e piano piano l’attasta co’ la mano perché l’ajuti ner raggionamento…”
La Madre Panza – Trilussa


For a culinary experience like no other

La Taverna degli Amici is the place for all lovers of good food. Our restaurant , in the heart of Rome, has a rich menu of traditional dishes and new Roman cuisine and desserts all homemade. The wine list, carefully selected, offers the best Italian labels.





Inthe heart of Rome

in a small corner of the acient capital

In the heart of acient Rome, near Piazza Venezia and behind Piazza Aracoeli, the restaurant “La Taverna degli Amici” embeds itself in the ancient palaces of Piazza Margana. Its atmosphere is marked by pleasant classical elegant and rustic furniture and the secular beams in the ceiling to the brick arches. In good weather, outside dining makes this place a very special and enjoyable meeting.”La Taverna degli Amici” offers a rich menu of culinary specialties desserts all made in traditional Roman house and new. The wine list offers a selection of the best italian labelse.